NFC Mobile Payment Technology (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)

NFC Mobile Payment Technology

These days, people rarely walk out the door without their cell phone in their hand or pocket. With the rise in popularity and function of mobile technology, more of consumers’ daily tasks and routines have become adapted for mobile compatibility, including payments. 

Near-field communication (NFC) mobile payments allow users to complete transactions via a smart phone app. This payment method is an ideal solution for laundromats, as it gives customers an option they will always have available. 

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What Are NFC Mobile Payments?

NFC mobile payments ensure laundry customers have a way to pay and use your service even if they forget to bring coins, their laundromat card or their entire wallet. 

The phone’s built-in technology allows the customer to communicate with the washer or dryer through NFC-enabled SpyderWash readers and pay for the desired cycle.

NFC mobile payments are available through all smartphones via Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay. NFC technology can make the laundry process much simpler by giving users more autonomy over their payments.

Benefits of NFC-Enabled Readers

Incorporating NFC-enabled readers into your laundromat will help your business stay on the cutting edge of technology trends and payment methods. There are also many other competitive advantages including: 

  • Increase security: Credit/Debit card information loaded into smart phones are protected with their own layer of security, by using unique digital card numbers.
  • Boost efficiency: Increase the transaction speed for a faster laundry experience for your customers.
  • Improve user experience: Make laundry easy for users and improve their experience by implementing NFC mobile payments for quick, secure, and convenient service. 
  • Add revenue: Expand your audience and boost profits by including additional payment methods that are accessible for everyone with a smartphone. 

Get NFC Mobile Payment Options With SpyderWash

SpyderWash from Setomatic Systems offers an all-in-one laundry system that accepts all payment methods, including NFC mobile payments. SpyderWash incorporates various payment options directly into your washers and dryers, allowing your customers to choose from multiple self-serving selections. 

With SpyderWash, you can stay on top of technology waves as payment methods evolve. At Setomatic-SpyderWash, we are constantly innovating and staying on top of the latest payment trends worldwide.

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