A Little History and Information:
The Laundry industry is composed of two main segments. The first segment is normally known as the Vended Coin Laundry space and the second is commonly known as the Multi-Housing industry. The multi-housing industry is very similar to the vended coin laundry space except instead of the laundry room being located on its own standalone building, it is located in apartment housing. The multi-housing segment also goes by the name “Coin Route Business”. Currently there are about 90 million Americans living in rentals and over 17 million apartments in the U.S. Nearly 1/3 of all Americans live in rentals, and the number of apartment homes increases by 210,000 each year.

Revolutionizing Multi-Housing Coin Laundries:Since 1968, Setomatic Systems has seen many changes, as well as many companies come and go in the Laundry industry. Now in our third generation, we have successfully stamped ourselves as an industry leader. Through experience, expertise and consumer feedback, we have created innovative products for over 50 years that have helped revolutionize every segment of the Coin Laundry market.

At Setomatic Systems we manufacture many different products for Coin Laundries, but the two products that have left the biggest mark on the industry is our SpyderWash Payment System and our Digital Drop Coins. From an industry that was reliant on coin slides and mechanical timers, we created the first state of the art Digital Drop Coins for the laundry market to make it easier for customers to pay with quarters. Setomatic Systems still manufacturers drop coins to replace old coin slides, turn knob dryer meters, factory installed drop coins and outdated plastic drop coins.

Throughout the years washer and dryer prices have risen and payment preferences have greatly changed. Consumers no longer carry cash and want the option to pay with whatever is in their pocket (Coins, Credit Cards, and Smart Phones).We introduced our first credit card system to the laundry industry in 1993 and followed it up in 2009 with our next generation – SpyderWash. With our SpyderWash Payment System we have successfully made it more convenient for consumers to pay for their laundry, which directly leads to increased revenue for owners/operators of Coin Laundries. In creating a system that accepts Credit/Debit Cards, Loyalty Cards, RFID Contactless Credit/Debit Cards and NFC Mobile Wallet payments while still accepting coin, we have made the task of doing laundry much simpler.

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    Through experience, expertise and consumer feedback, we have successfully created innovative products for over 45 years.