Loyalty Programs

In any industry customer loyalty is a large part of an owner’s success. When we created the SpyderWash Payment System we wanted to create a payment device that was more than your typical Credit/Debit Card System. Not only did we incorporate Emerging Payment Technologies such as RFID Contactless and NFC Mobile Wallet Payments, we also included a robust Loyalty Card application that works with and without loyalty cards.

Key Features

Let your customers pay with a loyalty card: 

  • Give your customers a SpyderWash Loyalty Card that they can recharge from any Internet enabled computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Spyder Loyalty Kiosk available which will allow customers to purchase and recharge loyalty cards.
  • SpyderWash Mobile Smart Phone App where customers can register and track loyalty card usage and add funds.
  • Create your own custom loyalty card with your Laundromat’s name and logo.

Full accountability of each loyalty card:

  • Track each customer’s specific card once they register in your system
  • Track how much money that customer used on their Loyalty Card
  • Track the float (remaining balance) on each customers Loyalty Card
  • See the last time each card was used
  • Send an email to any customer with a Loyalty Card directly from your SpyderWash account

Offer customers rewards for loyalty. Programs work with and without loyalty cards:

  • Offer bonus’s when a customer adds value to their loyalty card. Set up multiple bonus levels.
  • Offer Free Washes based off usage or a points system. Loyalty card not required for this promotion.
  • Offer Free Dry based off washer usage. Loyalty card not required for this promotion.
  • Loyalty programs can work even without customer registration or sign up, if you so choose.
  • Log into you system, add value to any or all of your customer’s loyalty cards, and email them letting them know how much you appreciate their business.

Promote your laundry facility:

  • Create Custom Loyalty Cards with a pre-loaded dollar amount on each card. Send these cards as a mailing or give them out at an event in order to entice customers to visit your Laundromat.