Laundromat Card System

The SpyderWash laundromat card system provides businesses with an outreach tool to build customer loyalty and keep them coming back. More than 90% of companies have a rewards program, while the U.S. has 3.3 billion loyalty memberships alone.

SpyderWash offers a complete payment system which can also incorporate a laundry card machine (Add Value Station-Loyalty Kiosk) and many custom loyalty card programs for your business. It is important to understand reloadable laundry cards and their benefits so you can maximize their advantages for your business. 

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What Is a Reloadable Laundry Card System? 

Reloadable laundry cards are a maximum convenience tool for customers who do not use a credit/debit card but still want to participate in loyalty programs. With a quick cash or credit/debit purchase, customers can load money onto a laundry card and use it to purchase wash and dry cycles anytime. When the card balance runs low, they can simply reload it at the loyalty kiosk or remotely via the online SpyderWash customer portal or app.

SpyderWash offers loyalty cards with customizable designs for your laundromat. Through the SpyderWash portal, customers can recharge the card from any internet enabled device like computers or smartphones. Consumers can also check their balance and purchases on the SpyderWash mobile application, as well as see progress on earning a free wash or dry.

The Benefits of a Laundromat Loyalty Card Payment System

SpyderWash aims to make the laundry experience as easy as possible for your customers. Reloadable laundry card services have several specific benefits for businesses:

  • Convenience: Modern customers love a frictionless purchasing experience, so the benefit of paying with a specific card is significant. 
  • Float: Customers basically prepay for using your laundry and the money sitting on these loyalty cards is the float
  • Attract: Your business can send out pre-loaded loyalty cards to local addresses with enough funds for a few cycles to attract new customers. 
  • Loyalty: Your business can offer customers rewards like free washes to build brand affinity. 
  • Lock-in: Once the customer places funds on the laundry card, they must return to the same laundromat to spend the money.
  • Database: If your business requires an email address to set up the loyalty card, you can compile an email list to blast with special promotions. 
  • Management: You can track customer funds and purchasing behavior on your loyalty cards.
  • Mobile: The SpyderWash system comes with a companion mobile app so users can track loyalty card use and rewards. 

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SpyderWash loyalty cards can convert one-time customers to your laundry facility into repeat consumers. People need to wash their clothes every week, and Setomatic Systems believes capturing loyalty and offering rewards is vital to your business. Want to learn more about how SpyderWash card readers and loyalty cards can benefit you? Reach out to the SpyderWash team for more information today!

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