Go Digital With a SpyderWash Laundry Payment System

SpyderWash is the modern and digital laundry payment system that can widen your business’s target audience. When you invest in SpyderWash, you help expand your business and reach. People who have missed out on the laundromat experience because they only want digital payments can become your new loyal customers. 

This payment system has unique features, including:

  • Contactless payment: Our payment solution is the only system on the market that can accept contactless credit/debit cards directly on the washer/dryer, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. 
  • Payment methods: We accept loyalty cards, RFID contactless credit cards and NFC mobile wallets. We use long-range Bluetooth technology connected to each washer and dryer for user friendly and easy payment, even if your laundry is unattended. 
  • Coin payment: We embrace tradition by accepting coin payments, although this is optional.
  • Loyalty system: We integrate our no-hassle loyalty card system by enabling you to instantly assign a loyalty code to repeat payment credit/debit cards. Customers can also use a loyalty laundry card instead if they prefer.  With our system, your customers are not forced to register or purchase a separate laundry card to get loyalty perks.
  • Management system: Our web-based management system allows your business to track payments digitally in real time, from anywhere in the world. 
  • Durable design: Our payment solution can withstand soap spills, water sprays and consistent usage.