Credit Card Laundry Payment Systems

Customers pay with credit/debit cards for nearly every transaction in everyday life, from purchasing gas for a car to buying food at the grocery store. Even medical practices now accept credit card payments. 

Using a Laundromat’s washers and dryers are a customer necessity. Yet if customers must search for quarters, they may skip, or delay using your services or spend much less money when at your laundry. A coin only laundry makes it very difficult to track your sales when you are not on-site.

The solution is credit card payment systems like SpyderWash, which allow customers to use credit/debit cards and other convenient payment methods to purchase the laundry services they want and need.

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How Do Laundry Credit Card Readers Work?

Laundry machine card readers like SpyderWash are straightforward devices for most users. Simply input quarters in the slot built onto the machine or swipe or tap a credit/debit card to pay for your wash or dry. Consumers can also use mobile devices via NFC mobile wallet payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay from smartphones and smartwatches. 

The SpyderWash reader connects to a nearby high-speed internet Hub via Bluetooth. The connection uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect the customer and business while allowing for real-time credit authorization. 

We believe credit/debit card acceptance is a “must” for all laundry machines moving forward. These systems are profitable for the store owner, while being convenient, user friendly, and simple to use for the end user. Also, no attendants are required to teach your customer how to use the system, as they pay the same way they do at almost every other store.

The Benefits of Credit Cards as a Payment Option 

Around 191 million Americans pay with credit cards — almost all of these individuals also do laundry. In 2020, Mastercard found eight out of 10 customers use contactless payment. Accepting the most widely used, preferred and convenient form of payment at your laundry is the most notable benefit of credit card acceptance at your Laundromat.

There are several more significant benefits for credit card-operated laundry machines:   

  • Reporting: Web-based SpyderWash software records all transactions for easy tracking.
  • Reliability: Customers trust the reliability and convenience of the credit card process every day. 
  • Security: Less cash on-site prevents theft. Card readers also use payment tokenization to convert data to a token number for transmission so data cannot be stolen. The credit card process helps protect against fraudulent payment.

Credit card payment systems for laundromats, like SpyderWash, can bring convenience to your customers and safety to your transactions. 

Try the SpyderWash Credit Card Payment Solution

The SpyderWash credit card washer and dryer system is an all-in-one solution to handle various payment methods — from coins to credit cards to mobile payments.

You can trust our 50+ years of experience in the laundry payment process. Setomatic Systems began building breakthroughs in payment technology in 1968, and our innovative process continues today. Ready to learn more about SpyderWash? Contact us today to learn more about the SpyderWash system or find a distributor near you.

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