Laundry Payment Systems

The success of a Laundromat, Multi-housing Laundry Room or any other Laundry facility depends on many key factors. Whether it’s deciding how many machines to install, what brand of machines, or what forms of payment to accept, each decision is critical to your success. Since 1968, Setomatic Systems has created products to help you achieve your ultimate goal of financial success. That is why we created the SpyderWash Payment System- the most advanced payment system in the Laundry Industry today. Please see the “SpyderWash Index” to the right to learn more!

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Since its creation in 2009, the SpyderWash Payment System has revolutionized the Laundry Industry. Our system allows your customer the convenience of using Coin, Credit/Debit Card, Loyalty Card, RFID Contactless Credit Cards, or NFC Mobile Wallets such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay Mobile Wallet to pay for their Laundry. SpyderWash is completely wireless and utilizes the highest level of Bluetooth™ encryption. Our web-based software offers full accountability with access from any web-enabled device. See all transactional history including, coin, in "real time". With our free integrated loyalty card program, take advantage of the many marketing possibilities at your disposal. No more using/painting quarters for Wash-Dry-Fold, simply use a SpyderWash Wash-Dry-Fold Card, and track your attendants’ usage. Please see the “SpyderWash Index” to the right to learn more!

In today’s society, we understand that it is critical to keep up with both technology and world-wide trends. In every industry the use of cash has drastically diminished, as consumers tend to favor other payment methods. This is why we created our revolutionary SpyderWash Payment System. With over a billion credit/debit cards circulating throughout the United States we knew it was important for Laundry Owners to offer their customers the option to pay for their laundry the same way they do other "everyday" purchases. We also knew that it was equally important to create a Payment Solution that was NOT going to be outdated in a few years. SpyderWash is the ONLY payment system in the Laundry industry to incorporate both RFID Contactless Credit Cards and NFC Mobile Payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay Mobile Wallet. These forms of payments are rapidly taking hold in the United States and are already the norm in many other parts of the world. Invest in the future, not obsolesce. Please see the “SpyderWash Index” to the right to learn more!


  • I don't know how you could run a coin laundry without SpyderWash.
    -Chuck Pappadakes
    Katie's Clean & Green Coin Laundry
    Lakewood, Ohio
  • The Spyderwash website is also very valuable in tracking sales, and the customer support has proven to be very good as well. We believe that the Spyderwash system is an asset to our business now and will also be if we choose to sell in the future.
    - Skip and Maria Ward
    Lamoille Laundry Center
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